Symbolic / Renewal Ceremony

A Symbolic or Renewal Ceremony is one without any legal statuses, this is facilitated when a couple wants to experience an actual wedding without the legal binding conditions or in some cases, has already processed the legalities in their home of residence or is simply just renewing their wedding vows, reigniting the romance all over again.

Doing a symbolic wedding allows the couple to tailor their destination wedding experience however way they so desire with no limitations. Couples may choose to write their own script for this type of arrangement, incorporating special and symbolic gestures such as the hand ceremony or adding other symbolic personal touches.

Similar to a Symbolic ceremony, is also a Civil Ceremony, which is a non-religious but legal marriage ceremony. A civil ceremony does not include blessings of rings, religious readings or any prayers.

The civil ceremony is driven by the wishes, beliefs and values of the persons getting
married or family traditions, and not by the beliefs or ideology of the person conducting it.

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