Our Mission and Vision

Why Choose Us

With over a decade of experience matched with our stellar reputation and driven passion for creativity, our team of  dedicated and experienced Wedding Planners will help you by providing exceptional planning and coordinating solutions that has been designed to create the most enjoyable experiences for you.

Where Magic Begins

Dreaming of a wedding layered between magnificent clear blue skies and endless ocean waves? or Picture in your mind overlooking a panorama of turquoise blue waters,  better yet,  Imagine being amidst a magnificent tropical rainforest with a perfect frame of the waterfall as the backdrop...wish no more TWJ provides endless possibilities of everything dreams are made of. 

How It Works

We believe the hallmark for creating memorable experiences lies within  the precision and attention to details, our consultations are designed  to establish and analyse in order to form the basis - while enabling flexibility -  for organising the  structures needed to execute  the most important elements within your budget... to create the desires you've envisioned.